About us

No matter your age, horses will always find a way to bring happiness, calm and a special bond with you if you just open your heart to them. 

Anyone (from small children to elderly adults and everyone in between) who has ever slung a leg over a horse’s back, held the reins and ridden on a trail, in a riding lesson, or in a show arena knows the feeling.

The feeling that makes you sit tall, sit proud and feel one with such a majestic being that is a horse. The feeling that fills your mind and spirit with wonder and awe at this powerful horse allowing you to ride on his or her back. 

The moment is Beautiful. The horse is Beautiful. You are Beautiful. 

Although Khy, the amazing Arabian horse, with such a beautiful and goofy personality came into our founder Kim’s life not as a child, but as an older adult; the magic is just the same. 

Our mission at Belissimo Equestrian is to celebrate the beautiful bond that happens between the horse and rider by bringing curated items together that support and promote good horsemanship. 

We hope you find something that helps you celebrate and continue to build your beautiful relationship with your horse. 

“Celebrating the Bond between horse and rider.”

-Kim and Khy 

We LOVE ❤️ Arabian Horses Ambassadors